*We Choose To Do Things Differently!*



What If I Told You That YOU ARE Limitless?

Most people reading the statement above for the first time won’t believe me.


 You choose what you want to believe.


 The goals you choose are based on what you believe is possible. 


 You choose how often you think about your goals this is important because the amount of desire you have to achieve your goals stems from how often you choose to focus on your goals. 


You then choose your actions based on the strength of your desires.


Your results are then created by your actions, what actions you choose, and how persistent you are with them determine success or failure.



It all starts with your beliefs and if you choose to make your belief a reality, Do the steps above to your absolute fullest.



Everyone believed what I wanted to make with Bismuth was IMPOSSIBLE… before I did it, I chose to believe I could do what I want despite this.


I followed these steps to my fullest and I made my belief a reality The Bismuth Smiths products are proof anyone can do the same!


This Dream Started with 200 dollars and a very strong belief that I can do anything with a lot of focus and a ton of work.


“Kyle Lauzon”

 The Bismuth Smith

 Choose To Do Things 







The Bismuth Smith has become the center of excitement for many. We’re delighted to present the stunning perfect blend of Art and Science, and The World’s Finest Home Decor Figurines.




Giving you the thrilling ability to choose an item for you or someone you care about as well as Even going a step further, giving the wonderful ability to customize the color and select what combination gets you the most excited When You order something for yourself, or to get something for someone you care about. This gives you the fantastic ability to make that delightfully impressive perfect gift.




An exhilarating symbol of prosperity and success, Bismuth is #83 on the periodic table. It is a crystallized metal surprisingly 8x rarer than silver, metal smithed similar to gold with its captivating luster. Yet this metal produces amazingly vivid colors, even breathtaking rainbows like a soap bubble with its shockingly thin light wave thin rust (oxide).




Everyone is calling this, the real Eye-Candy as the company grows along with the public’s excitement. Astoundingly all items are handmade and customizable, so you can choose something crazy that fits your needs. The Bismuth Smith INC, is the only company in history that makes products like these.




(Call this Happiness Insurance!)

We’re so eager with the quality of products we produce that we have a 100% money-back guarantee, if you or the person you’re ordering for is not overjoyed with your purchase, we will happily refund you entirely!

We Actually Do Truly Thrilling Giveaways!!

We're delighted to be Giving Away your choice of a Free item (Valued at OVER 1000$) Surprisingly at least one WINNER in every 100 people that sign up for our mailing list will WIN!

To enter just sign up to the mailing list, then in the chat window on the bottom right of the website

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We may very well select you for the prize!

I’m eager to state there is no order necessary!