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Bismuth Is A Fascinating Metal Here Are A Few Science Articles 

Bismuth Magnetic Levitation

One of bismuth’s most interesting properties is that it is the most diamagnetic of all the elements…

Bismuth In Medicine

Bismuth is considered a heavy metal, something that sounds like you probably shouldn’t ingest it but certain bismuth…

Bismuth Metal

Bismuth Bullets & Sinkers

One of the primary uses of bismuth is as a non-toxic replacement for lead in things such as solder….

Metal Ore

Low Melting Alloys

A low melting point is one of the unique properties of bismuth which give it so many different uses in today’s…

Bismuth's Vivid Colors

Bismuth In Cosmetics

A metal that some people have never heard of, bismuth is more common in our everyday lives than people realize…

Structure core Earth

How Rare Is Bismuth?

Bismuth is known for its uses in art, medicine, and its many industrial applications, but… 

magnetic levitating

Bismuth Superconductors

Superconductors are a well studied phenomenon that has led to the development of important technology…

Bismuth Crystal

Bismuth Solar Pannels

Solar Panels and clean energy are extremely important to our future. They are the leading source of renewable…