2.2Lbs(1000 Grams) whole sale lot Bismuth Crystals(Whole Sale Price)


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"1000" grams of some of the highest quality Bismuth Crystals
Grown by The Bismuth Smith

anywere from 15 mid-large crystals to 55 quarter and larger size peices message with your order for your requirments

If you have ever been excited about buying gem and minerial specimens before now, this is for you! Bismuth Crystals from the Bismuth Smith are grown to the highest standards of quality
Bismuth Is Element #83 on the periodic table.

Bismuth is a thermally resistant superconductor that is diamagnetic.

It crystalizes in such a beautiful pattern because the tip of the crystal grows faster than the sides making it to flop from side to side producing the stair case effect.

The oxidation layer (like rust) is extremely thin. So thin it interferes with the light spectrum giving it color (thin film interference) measured in micrometers.

If you haven't realized by now, Bismuth is one of the coolest crystals available. Because it's not mined you get a damage free perfectly formed crystal with every color possible.

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