Bismuth German Shepherd


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A Bit About The Bismuth
Bismuth is a precious metal #83 on the periodic table being over 8 times rarer than silver! The market is currently suppressed because bismuth is used for industrial purposes and not for its Intrinsic value as gold or silver is. Although bismuth can produce a much nicer visual appeal then silver or gold under the right circumstances.

Bismuth is brittle making pieces fragile by nature
its oxide(rust) refracts light like oil on water(thin film interference) breaking light into colors depending on the thickness of the oxide present

Bismuth also has some unique properties under the right conditions can produce crystals or some of the appealing home decor items possible

bismuth is DioMagnetic(repels magnets)

Bismuth is a Superconductor at Low temperatures

Bismuth Main use is in cosmetics skin tonner nail polish ect as well as aloys and ECO freindly replacement of lead.

There has been recent research using bismuth for Photovoltaic cells (solar panels) and batterys that may cause bismuths price to explode bring it to ratio with the other precious metals That could bring the price to over 4000 USD per kg

whether its bismuths looks rarity or unique properties that makes it interesting for you bismuth is something you will find fascinating years after owning so whether its for your self retail or those hard to by for people Bismuth is a great investment by many aspects!

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