Dolphin Pair

$ 203


The dolphin is one of the smartest animals in the world due to the impressive size of it’s brain relative to body weight. It is also a highly social animal. It symbolizes harmony and balance. This colourful bismuth statue is here to remind you to always be in tune with your instincts.

DIMENSIONS: L 9,5cm W 7cm H 3,5cm

Everyone’s had the experience of having a tough time finding something special for an individual because there are a lot of possible gifts in today’s world. Most gifts are used and forgotten about, yet Bismuth holds a certain feeling of worth – It holds beauty and elegance for the fine things in life. It’s a physical reminder that happiness is inside you with an appreciation for the little things like these.

The Bismuth Smith is one of the few companies where its’ innovation and dedication goes beyond today’s extravagant. It goes without involving technology and all the pieces are handcrafted with a variety of newly invented steps to produce something magnificent out of metal nearly half as rare as gold that crystallizes and produces vibrant colors purely in itself and its light-wave thin oxide.

Like a Goldsmith works with gold to make high polished eye-catching and unique products The Bismuth Smith works to make things that are certain to brighten the day of whoever receives them.

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