Bismuth Aurora Crystal Jewelry

Our stunning coin-shaped pendants are the perfect addition to any jewelry lover’s collection! Each pendant features a range of colors that span the light spectrum, from warm pinks and reds to cool blues and greens, and all the way to deep purples and stunning rainbow patterns.

Express Yourself With Our Exciting Bismuth Jewelry Pieces

Explore the different designs across our various subcategories to find a bismuth crystal piece that perfectly suits your style!

For animal lovers, we have pendants decorated with various paw-print shapes. If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical, our High Jinks series includes pendants whose designs are influenced by futuristic and mythical iconography, as well as other more light-hearted images.

For those who love all things mystical and magical, our Witchy Things collection offers a range of pieces based on symbols from the world of spells and spirits. And if you’re someone who would like to explore their astrological side, our Zodiac collection offers pendants inspired by signs of the zodiac.

Expert Craftsmanship Backed by Deep Chemical Knowledge

Our jewelry is crafted with a deep understanding of bismuth as an element and its various properties. We use this knowledge to manipulate the metal into various shapes and draw out the brilliant, iridescent color bismuth can receive through oxidation. The result is a stunning piece of jewelry that is as unique as the individual wearing it.

Our bismuth jewelry items are perfect for admirers of bismuth crystals, who appreciate their beauty and captivating properties. Our products are thoughtfully crafted and each piece reflects the enchanting iridescent shimmer of bismuth. Whether you seek bismuth jewelry as a fashionable addition to your attire or as a scientific curiosity, our inventory has something for everyone. Our bismuth jewelry pieces are truly one-of-a-kind and promise to stand out in any collection.

The Bismuth Smith – Your Source for Quality Bismuth Jewelry

The Bismuth Smith is your go-to destination for unique, iridescent bismuth jewelry. Our stunning bismuth pendants are the perfect addition to any jewelry collection, and with our range of styles and colors, there is something for everyone. Shop now and experience the magic of bismuth for yourself!