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Welcome to our collection of breathtaking bismuth creations! Carefully crafted and curated, our collection of bismuth products–including bismuth crystals, sculptures, and jewelry–are sure to captivate your attention and enchant your imagination. 

Our collection is a testament to the unique and mesmerizing qualities of bismuth and the expert craftsmanship of our team. Explore our wide selection of bismuth pieces. We are sure you’ll find something that speaks to you.

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Harnessing the Beauty of Bismuth

Known for its iridescent colors and versatile properties, bismuth (atomic number 83, chemical symbol “Bi”) is a relatively brittle metal that takes on some truly amazing qualities. Typically starting as bismuth ingots, its low melting point makes it an ideal material for creating intricate shapes and structures. 

At The Bismuth Smith, we leverage bismuth’s malleability and shimmery appearance to make vivid pieces as a way of sharing both the beauty of this metal and the artistry of our team with you.

Bismuth Crystals

Every one of our bismuth crystal pieces is created from high-purity bismuth. The fascinating colours of these pieces, whether it’s the glittery gold, the glistening green, or the light-scattering rainbow bismuth crystal, are the result of thin film interference, which results as the thin layer of bismuth oxide that forms on the surface of the crystals. As bismuth cools, spectacular colours result from the crystallization process. Using our intimate knowledge of bismuth’s elemental properties, we draw out these different colors from across the light spectrum to create vibrant pieces that complement any space.

Bismuth Sculptures

Our carefully crafted bismuth sculptures are a testament to the skill and artistry of our team, as they turn bismuth metal into one-of-a-kind pieces that exude elegance and sophistication. With handmade artwork that ranges from wonderfully-detailed animal figurines to bold fantasy designs, our unique pieces will make any room you display them in stand out. The natural beauty of the bismuth element is carefully revealed with each sculpture, no matter the size or style.

Bismuth Jewelry

For anyone looking for a unique way to add a touch of sparkle to their wardrobe, our collection of bismuth jewelry is the perfect choice. Our pendants are carefully crafted using high-quality bismuth metal to showcase the vivid colors that make this element so distinctive. 

Each piece features stunning iridescent designs that are certain to turn heads and add effortless style to any look. Whether you’re looking for a gift or just something special to treat yourself, our bismuth jewelry offers an intriguing way to express yourself.